Internet Development for the Marine Industry

At the Web Hosting Division of SeaWebs we specialize in complete Website Packages, from the original Ideas through Domain Name choice and Registering, site Design, Hosting choice, Publishing, then to on-going site Management.


Our real expertise is in handling your site from conception through to keeping it alive by routine tweaking and maintenance. In certain instances we will take on Existing sites for top quality ongoing management.


Site and Email Monitoring
We will constantly monitor your site and solve the problems, take care of the ongoing charges and keep you informed if we feel your site requires updating. If you are unable to retrieve your email because the yacht is out of the water etc., we will make sure nothing gets lost until you are online again.

Website production
We will work with you, whatever your aim, be it a few pages to keep your readers informed with up to the minute information or a full colour web brochure of your Yacht, Company or Products.

Building and maintaining a living, interesting and effective web site is far more complex and time consuming than most people at first believe. If your idea is to just produce a website and sit back and look at it! you really have missed the point, remember that is the way of the hard copy brochure ... the day it arrives from the printers it is out of date... Let you and us build a site of your desire and then between us we will keep it alive.


Our knowledge of the Marine Industry ...

..... enables us to fully understand your web and email requirements along with all the connection problems and drawbacks that you or your clients will have to face at sea. Our sites are all aimed at being user friendly to the Marine Industry.