Choice of Computers - Software - Network

This is another very confusing area of choice, often resulting in very significant overspend.

We are very conversant with all makes and types of computers from desktop, Pads and Laptops.

Let us help you make the correct choice for your particular installation. Sometimes just a short time spent talking about the options will save you a lot of problems by enabling you to speak more knowledgeably with your existing installer.

Equally important is your choice of software, all too often we find existing chosen software is far more complex than required and so makes it's use a chore rather than simply and easily getting the job done.

We are happy to be with you all of the way or just part of the way. Don't go into a new purchase whilst confused about the options!


Operating Systems

Due to our long involvement with the Internet and computing, we are fully conversant with all OS's(Operating Systems)
including: -

and most importantly how the different systems do and do not, work with one another in the same network/environment

Remember that to change your OS in mid-stream can be very expensive, very time consuming and can result in the loss of data.